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Class prices are monthly.

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Mommy and Me (Age 18mo-3):
A fun class of basic tumble and gymnastics skills as well as body awareness and control.
$45/30 minutes

Tiny Cheer/Gymnastics (Age 3-5):
A fun class for our youngest athletes. Basic tum-bling: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels. Cheer motions, proper jump technique, and flexibility
$55/45 minutes

Mini Cheer (Age 5-7):
A fun class for our young athletes and/or athletes new to cheer. Basic tumbling: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, bridges and bridge kick overs, cartwheels, and round-offs. Cheer motions, proper jump technique, flex-ibility and body control
$65/55 minutes

Cheer Tumble 1: Basics (Age 7 and up):
A great class for those younger athletes progressing from Tiny and Mini, but not quite ready for Cheer Tumble 2, or for older athletes that are new to cheer. Basic tumbling: Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, front limbers, bridge kick overs, back walk overs, cartwheels, and round-offs. The back handspring will be introduced. Cheer motions, proper jump technique, flexibility, and body control.
$65/55 minutes

Cheer Tumble 2: Handsprings (All Ages):
Athlete must have a back walkover, strong round-off, and standing back handspring with light spot. Focus on perfection of basic tumbling and back handspring. Back handspring will be worked, both running and standing, then multiples. Front tumbling: front walk over, front handspring, front handspring step out.
$65/55 minutes

Cheer Tumble 3: Flips (All Ages):
Athlete must have a strong back handspring series standing and running and front walk over/front handspring. Focus on the perfec-tion of the back tuck, standing and running. Round off back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, and front tumbling skills into a back tuck will be taught as well as the punch front tuck and front handspring front tuck.
$65/55 minutes

Cheer Tumble 4: Twists (All Ages):
Athlete must have a standing series to back tuck and round off series to back tuck, and some type of front tumbling into a back tuck. Focus on mastery of the layout , round-off series to layout, and front tumbling to layout. Front and back twisting tumbling will be taught. Cheer motions, proper jump technique, flexibility and body control.
$65/55 minutes

Strength and Flexibility (All Ages): This class is for all team fliers and is a great class for any athlete who would like to improve their flexibility, balance, and core strength.
$40/$20 for All Star Team members/55 minutes

Back Handspring Class (Ages 5 and up):
Athlete must be enrolled in Mini Tumble, Cheer Tumble 1 or 2, Gymnastics 1 or 2. This class will work drills to develop all the strength, flexibility, and body control required for back handsprings. Class will be centered around mastering the standing back handspring and multiple back hand-springs.
$35/$25 for All Star Team members/45 minutes


207 James Street
Roanoke, TX 76262