We offer great classes for athletes new and experienced with gymnastics. Classes focus on floor tumbling, vault, bars, beam, strength, flexibility, and body control at all levels for athletes of all ages.

Gymnastics 1 (Ages 6 – 12):
A great class for athletes new to gymnastics. Basic floor and tumbling: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, front limbers, bridge kick overs, back walk overs, cartwheels, and round- offs, turns, leaps and jumps. Back handsprings introduced. Vault: basic running and vaulting skills. Bars: front support, forward roll dismounts, casts, back hip circles, and chin-up-pullovers. Beam: proper mount, beam walks, beam jumps beam kicks, levers, handstands and proper dismounts. Strength, flexibility and body control. $88/55minutes

Gymnastics 2 (Ages 7 – 16):
Athletes must pass gymnastics 1 to enter this class. Floor and tumbling: back handspring will be mastered, back walk overs, front walk overs, front handsprings, intermediate level turns, leaps and jumps. Vault: intermediate running and vaulting skills. Bars: front hip circles, shoot through, dismounts. Kip will be introduced. Beam: handstands, cartwheels, intermediate jumps and leaps, and handstand dismounts.           $88/55minutes

Boys Gymnastics:
From beginner to advanced, the boys gymnastics class covers a wide range of abilities. These classes teach basic tumbling as well as men’s gymnastics events with a focus on male athletes. This class will work skills performed in the 6 men’s events. $88 / 55 m

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