If your athlete is ready to take their talent to the next level joining one of our competitive teams will definitely take them there!

We offer several team options for athletes of all ages and all skill levels, as well as different financial and commitment levels.

Practice 6 hours per week and attend many local meets.

Tiny Novice Team

This team is for 3-5 year olds. The team practices 3 hrs a week. This team requires a half year (8 month) commitment. They attend 4 local competitions

This is the perfect place for your sweet baby to develop a passion for cheer! They will learn all about being good listeners and following directions, all while learning the fundamentals of competitive cheerleading and tumbling. These teams are absolutely adorable and a wonderful experience full of lifetime memories for all!

Prep Teams

These teams are for ages 6 to 18. These teams practices 5 hrs a week. They attend 4 local competitions

We offer both full year and half year commitments for prep teams. These teams allow a lighter financial and time commitment from families to give more athletes the opportunity to experience competitive cheer. This team is a great option for athletes who play other sports as well. We offer the same great coaching and experience with less of a commitment than elite teams.

Elite Teams

These teams are for ages 6 to 18. They practice for 6 hrs a week. The Elite teams attend local competitions and potentially travel for an end of season event

This is were you will see your child become a true competitor. Not only will you see them grow as a cheerleader, you will begin to see your child turn into a cheerful loving leader as we consider teaching important life lessons a top priority. All in a loving environment! At Trinity we are growing tomorrows leaders today!