Learn to be a flyer with our experienced coaches and collegiate alumni. Beginner to advanced skills will be trained and perfected in these stunt classes where athletes will practice technique, drills, body positions, dismount cradles, creative load-in, and much more!

Partner Stunt (6 and up): 
Athletes will learn how to fly or base in a traditional stunt group as well as partner stunting style with our experienced coaches. This is a perfect class for anyone preparing for the competition season or getting ready for college tryouts.$100 / 55 minutes

Flyer Flexibility (6 and up): 
This is a great class for anyone who is currently a flyer or is interested in becoming a flyer. We will focus on core strength and flexibility on all areas of the body so athletes can attain all the flyer body positions.$48/ 30 minutes

Jumps and Flexibility (6 and up): 
Athletes will jump higher than ever before after taking this class! Athletes will learn how to execute all jumps correctly. The toe touch, pike, and hurdler will all be trained and perfected! Thus is a great class for athletes getting ready for tryouts!$48/ 30 minutes

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